Friday, December 8, 2017

A List of John Green Books With Commentary From a 7th Grade Fangirl

     It is not uncommon knowledge that John Green is to me what someone like Halsey might be to you; a role model to the highest degree. Although he is so much more than his books, I have decided to share with you my top  3 favorite books from him.

1. Turtles All the Way Down

Follows a protagonist with OCD (like actual OCD, not publicly stigmatized "fake" OCD)
Has helped me develop some perspective on mental illness.

Released in 2017

May be made into a movie!!!!!


Follows a protagonist with cancer and her love for a boy she met at a support group
Tender and profound

Released in 2012



Follows a boy and his search for "The Great Perhaps," who meets a mysterious girl named Alaska
Relatable and tragic

Published in 2005

No movie :(


Some other great works of his include Paper Towns, An Abundance of Katherines, and Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Friday, December 1, 2017

My Procrastination Problem

Hi. I would tell you what this post is about, but I write a post title for a reason.

I have a problem with procrastination, which is when you put stuff off until the last minute. This was really affecting the quality of my work, which was especially evident in my blog posts.

I think the problem developed through my bullet journal. No, the bullet journal system doesn't cause procrastination, but I think I was writing down too many tasks per day. At the end of the day, I would obviously not finish everything so I would have to settle for an "incomplete" that day. It snowballed from me being more lenient with myself to me outright saying I would do something "later".

I am solving the problem by writing less in my bujo. When my goals are realistic and I achieve them, I feel motivated to do more. However, I try not to keep my goals too easy to achieve or they are pointless. 

If you also procrastinate, I highly recommend writing a daily to-do list with your studies or whatever. Make the list challenging but feasible.

In other news, I got my first Tombows. If you don't know what those are, they are really high quality advanced calligraphy markers. It is a huge milestone for me because I really enjoy calligraphy as a hobby.

oooooooooooooooooooookay bye

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving! And Black Friday


Gobble! It's technically Black Friday, but I am doing a Thanksgiving-themed part of this post anyway. 

     I am thankful that I have the opportunity to have this blog.

     Enough mushiness.

     Today, Black Friday, I will have to go clothes shopping. Yay. *voice drips with sarcasm* Seriously, though, I need it. My closet is full of stuff I don't fit into anymore.

     I'm now out of ideas, so how about a history lesson. YAY!

     According to, the most common story is that every year, shops go "into the black" on Black Friday. Stores use the color red to record losses, and black to record profit. Apparently, on the day after Thanksgiving, shoppers spent so much on discounted items that stores would get to record the day's earnings in black, instead of the usual red. 
     However, this story is false. 

     The true story goes like this: in the '50s, in Philadelphia, police used the term "Black Friday" to refer to the disorder that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. On the day after, a large  Army-Navy football game took place so tourists would flood in the day before (Friday). In this chaos, shoplifters would make off with goods from stores, so police had their work cut out for them. In the 1980s, retail stores removed the negative connotation from the term "Black Friday" and coined it as a sales bonanza. Eventually, discounts extended through the weekend and "Cyber Monday" and "Small Business Saturday" became other retail holidays.

     Fun Fact: Black Friday is not the biggest shopping day of the year; that honor goes to the Saturday before Christmas. 

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next Friday!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello there! It turns out that the Google we all know and love has a few tricks up its sleeve, so let's uncover them.

1) Try Googling "askew" and see if anything looks a bit... off.

2) Have you ever searched "Atari Breakout" on Chrome and gone to "images"? It's a complete waste of time - highly recommend.

3) A lot of people know this one, but if your internet is not working and that dinosaur pops up, press the space bar for entire seconds of ecstasy .

4) If you look up "solitaire" or 'tic tac toe" Google will indulge you in a game. It's useful when you are too lazy to go find cards or a piece of paper and a writing utensil!

5) This one isn't really an Easter egg, but Google Autodraw is a site that can guess what you draw. For best results, spend $700 on a touchscreen laptop.

6) Googling "recursion" can get recursive.

7) Google loves anagrams!

8) Ask Google to do a barrel roll; hey, it can do something my dog can't.

9) If you want to time travel, look up "Google in 1998"

10) Googling "Pacman" is a highly intellectually engaging way to cure boredom.

Sorry for the shorter post but I HAVE 2 PROJECTS DUE THIS WEEK GIMME A BREAK.

Friday, November 10, 2017

I'm a Mom!!!!!

     Hey guys! I have something rantom to share, so if you care, click here.

just kitten

     I am now a blog mother; yay! My blog mother (the person who taught me the ropes of blogging) was Bubbles from A Tween's Chitter Chatter. I am now the blog mother of a friend of mine named Jodi, and we have started A PARTNER BLOG! *cheers and applause* 

     Wait... that makes Bubbles a blog grandma. Hey Grammy, if you're reading this!

     Sorry for the short post this week, but as I'm sure some of you know, setting up a blog is very time-consuming. I have been working for maybe a couple of hours with her, and I actually had to ditch her for a few minutes to write this for you guys. Sorry!

     Hope you decide to check out our new site and make sure to follow both of my blogs. 

     'Kay bye

Friday, November 3, 2017

*note* this review contains spoilers and is more of a rant than a constructive recommendation
oopsie daisy

     Hello, Internet! I recently read this novel at a friend's recommendation and decided to review it. As far as I know, it's not one of those uber-popular books like the Harry Potter series, but it's worth a read.

Genre; Mystery (murder mystery, specifically)  Romance

     A girl who lives in a trailer park and goes to a local high school starts getting mysterious messages from an unknown person. The messages are cryptic and read like clues, and suddenly, a girl from the protagonist's school is left drugged and unconscious behind some bleachers at a sports game. More and more of these incidents start piling up, and they are all related to the clues that the main character is receiving. Worse - the main character, Nearly (yes, that's her name), realizes that she is probably the next target. She can't tell anyone, either, or else people will, understandably, think she's out of her mind and probably consider her a suspect herself. Oh noes!

     Additionally, there's this strange, rebel-type kid that's following Nearly around; rebel meaning like eyebrow piercings and a tattoo - in high school! His name is Reece, and he seems like he's trying to help, but really, in my opinion, he's getting a little too close for comfort. Also, even though this kid is well liked and actually portrayed in a very positive light, I kinda hate him. SPOILER: NEARLY ENDS UP WITH THIS KID. UGH!

      Finally, Nearly is vying for a scholarship that will basically win her a ticket out of her decrepit trailer park home. The scholarship is enough to leave the trailer behind and go to college, but he is up against some tight competition, but unfortunately, her studies start to suffer. It turns out, surprisingly, that solving a murder mystery really eats into your studying time. Who woulda thunk? SPOILER: SHE LOSES THE SCHOLARSHIP


     Although the plot kept me hooked until the very end, the actual resolution was very unsatisfying. At least, from my very biased viewpoint, Nearly should have studied harder instead of chasing after Mister Rebel Wannabe. Sure, she solved the mystery, but now she has nowhere to go, with no money to pay for college and a boyfriend who can't help her in any way.

It's probably apparent that I will be that mom who demands straight A's from my kids

     Although good as a mystery book, in my opinion, this book sends all the wrong messages about things like school and the importance of your future.

     However, I would highly recommend that  you read this book; maybe then you can yell at me for hating on Reece, or maybe you will agree with me.

     Bottom line; guys, stay in school. Love, a 12-year-old girl with no experience in the "real world" whatsoever.

     Make sure to check out Nearly Gone!

Friday, October 27, 2017

what's up

     If you have ever been in a large group chat, I'm sure you can relate to the aforementioned scenario. At my school, most of the kids use Google Hangouts. Chances are you know someone who knows someone who had a fetish for excessively, uselessly large group conversations. At least, that's the case with me.

     I will get added to these superlarge (like 100 other people; no joke) group conversations, and for the next half hour or so, the devices around the house will go ballistic with notifications. When I finally get my lazy butt out of whatever seating apparatus I was occupying and check exactly why the world is a blizzard of "pings," I realize it is 2 people I have never heard of talking about something I couldn't care less about. Or, ya know, the "hi," "hey," repetition. Seriously annoying.

     So I leave, right? Ha; I wish that worked. You see, if there are 100 people in a chat, and only one of them added me to it, there are still 99 others who didn't get the hint. Of course, the next day, my notifications decide to have another noisy house party. Then I get to leave again and send a message to everyone in my contacts to stop adding me to uselessly large group conversations. 

     Group chats were created with a purpose; to let people with a common goal or interest chat with each other easily. And no, going to the same school, (especially one as large as mine; 1351 students the last time I checked) does not count as having something in common. For example, I have a group chat with my friends from English Honors, which is useful when I have a question on homework or something like that. If I were to use the schoolwide chat for the same thing, it would be absolutely pointless. If I was lucky enough to get a response, (chances are that people talking about something else would bury my message) it would be very unlikely that I would get to read it (again, the response would get buried). Seriously, can you think of any relevant usage for these grotesquely large group forums?


Exactly what I thought.

     So join me in the movement against redundant and unproductive group chats.
     Or rather, make your own movement. I'm too lazy. Seriously though, I am typing this on Thursday night to be released Friday morning. Sheesh, Nandy.

     Hope you enjoyed this extravagantly verbose post!

     Share, comment down below, follow, yadayadaya...

     See y'all in a week! Or rather, read y'all in a week...

Wow! Proud of you, Nandy. You actually wrote a substantial amount this week. I guess people do their best work under pressure, and procrastinating is a great way to do that.

PROTIP: procrastinate

'Kay...stop typing. I bet people stopped reading after the 1st paragraph anyway.

And now I'm talking to myself.